City of Hico

Water and Wastewater Utility

The City of Hico is licensed with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to operate public water and wastewater utilities. Hico's customer number is: CN601180524. The rules governing public water and wastewater systems as well as the records of licensed operators can be viewed at the TCEQ website . Title 30 of the Texas Administrative Code describes the regulatory authority exercised by TCEQ over our operations.

Telephone (254) 796-4620
Fax (254) 796-4512
After hours emergency - Primary(254) 485-3262
After hours emergency - Alternate(254) 796-4545

Operations SupervisorMark Terry
Utility Billing ClerkJennifer Wuemling
Wastewater Treatment Plant OperatorMichael Zavala
Staff MemberAdrian Garza
Staff MemberJonathan Wade
Staff MemberMario Delarosa

Applying for New Service

An application must be submitted by anyone wanting to obtain utility service from the City. A $200 deposit is required for new service, but will be reduced to $150.00 with evidence of good payment history with current utility provider (2 years). The current billing rates are listed in our Hico Rate and Fee Schedule .

For further assistance, please contact Utility Billing Clerk Jennifer Wuemling at City Hall or by phone at (254) 796-4620, ext 2.

2011 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report for Hico

2012 Drinking Water Quality Report for Hico

2013 Drinking Water Quality Report for Hico

2014 Drinking Water Quality Report for Hico




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