City Council

MAYOREddie Needham2018-2020
ALDERMANPat Ross2017-2019
ALDERMANDonna McInnis2018-2020
ALDERMANCharles Erick2017-2019
ALDERMANRoy Ward2018-2020

Hico has no districts, so all of the Aldermen are elected "at-large". Elections are conducted each May. The Mayor and Aldermen used to receive a small amount of compensation, but in recent years they decided to devote what would have been paid in compensation toward special needs in the City.

City Officers

SECRETARYKari' DrueckhammerN/A
MARSHALRonnie AshmoreN/A
JUDGECharlie Buenger2016-2018
ATTORNEYConnie White2016-2018
HEALTH OFFICERCharlie Dayton2016-2018

The various City Offices have been established by the Council through the adoption of ordinances, which are available for viewing under the Municipal Code section of this website. The Officers are appointed by the City Council, some with definite terms, while others are open-ended.

Meeting Information

2nd Monday of each month at 5:30 p.m.

Hico City Hall, 120 W. First Street

Rules of Procedure

Upcoming meeting dates can be found on the website calendar and agendas are posted 72 hours prior to the meeting on the website and outside the main entrance door at City Hall. Notices which must be advertised are published in the Official City Paper.


Archive - 2012 - Present

Public Hearings
Archive - 2012 - Present

Our Mission

With open government, good stewardship, teamwork and a helpful attitude, the City of Hico is committed to delivering quality municipal services, encouraging measured growth and providing a safe, healthy and attractive place to live and raise a family.

Our Vision

The City of Hico will continue to be one of the Best Small Towns in America.

Our attractive community has a sense of pride, a sense of caring and a sense of place.

We will focus on preserving the heritage of the past in an effort to create an identity for the present and a vision for the future.

We are committed to preserving our small town values and sense of community while providing a high quality of life for our citizens.

We will encourage a "front porch" atmosphere and attitude among our citizens.

We value the contributions of our youth and recognize the importance of youth in shaping the present and the future of the Hico community.

We will encourage community-oriented governance through partnerships with citizens and public and private organizations.

We understand the value of a healthy economy and will encourage responsible, progressive development that will lead us into the future.

The Vision Statement of the City of Douglas, Wyoming resonated with our Council to such an extent that, with only a few modifications, it was adopted as our Vision Statement as well.





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