Meter Reading

Meter reading begins around the 15th of the month, and all of the routes should be completed within a week. Half of the routes are read one month, and the other half are read the following month. Based on historic usage, the City's Utility Billing Software estimates water usage during months when a meter isn't read. A true-up of each account occurs on months when the meters are read. The estimated reading might have been a little high or a little low, but after the true-up, each customer will end up paying only for the actual amount of water used, no more, no less.

Billing Cycle

Water bills are mailed out the last day of the month. They are due by the 10th. A late charge is assessed if they aren't paid by the due date. Service is disconnected for non-payment on the 20th. If for some reason you are unable to pay your bill, please call City Hall to discuss your options. Call before the 20th to see if arrangements can be made to avoid the expense and inconvenience of having your water service disconnected.

Payment Methods

The City of Hico accepts cash, checks and major credit cards (a $3.00/$100.00 user fee applies).

  1. Bring your payment, along with your water bill to City Hall.
  2. Pay On-Line using our EZ Net Pay System




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